Hey reddit!

Two things I want to ask you for:

  • Feedback on my website prototype for writers. Please bash it!
  • Feedback on an idea for a review economy

If you have time for either one or both of them I'd very much appreciate it!

The idea:

While Booklers is only a prototype in its infancy, I want to do things right from the start. I've seen plenty of authors struggle with finding good reviews or review partners, and on other websites I observe that some texts get all the attention and most others get zero. I want to steer against that with a review economy on Booklers:

  • Per default, your book can be downloaded for 0 points.
  • Plenty of public domain books will also cost 0 points.
  • Each new user gets a starting capital of 10 points
  • Each user can review books, each writer can request reviews
  • A review has to be accepted and rated by an author. The user gets points based on the author's rating of his review and the review size/quantity (e.g. 0 to 10 per 3 corrections/comments and per A4 page, with average 3 points)
  • An author can charge points for book downloads, yet of course this will result in fewer views.
  • An author can spend his points for point bounties on reviews. The first accepted review will get the bounty.
  • There will be achievements & website priviledges for point hunters

A similar system already works well e.g. in coding, at Stackoverflow.com.

Users not logged in will have books suggested that are "free of charge" points-wise. That would be another downside of charging points for your works.

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What do you think? Could it work? And most importantly, would you put your work into such an economy?

Thanks, and have a nice day!

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