Sorry if the title is confusing. I didn’t know how to say it simply.

My book has ASOIAF-inspired alternating POV chapters from four POV characters. The beginning has just two POVs, then three, then four starting from Chapter 11. I’m working on the second draft of Chapter Two, but it seems like it might be more wieldy if I split it into two chapters. My concern is if it would be odd to have two chapters from the same POV one right after the other (eg Ned I, Jon I, Jon II, Ned II, Jon III, Sam I). Because of timeline and overlapping issues, I’m not sure if I could just do the original alternating plan.

Chapter One is about 4.5k words and Chapter Two is about 7.5k, but that’s half of what I originally had in draft one (I expanded a lot). If I do similarly with the second half, that would make the events of Chapter 2 around 12-15k words, which I think is a bit long for the second chapter, especially as Chapter One is only around 4.5k. That’s why I’m thinking about splitting them, but I’m worried that having a “non-consistent” POV order from the beginning might be a little unsettling. Later I have chapters that go (using ASOIAF references) Jon, Reek, Sam, Jon, Ned, but I’m less concerned about those as GRRM doesn’t always go in the same order. But I’m not sure if not establishing this standard pattern from the beginning would be an issue.

Would a 12-15k-word-long second chapter (following a 4.5k one) be better split as two chapters? There is a natural division between the two parts (originally just like two scenes in a single ~6.4k chapter in draft one) where I could end one chapter and begin another one, but it’s the Ned I, Jon I, Jon II, Ned II back-to-back order I’m questioning as I originally had Ned I, Jon I, Ned II, Jon II, Sam I, Ned III, Jon III, Sam II, etc.

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Thank you.

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