I've always been pretty good at writing, and have taken a few stabs at it in the private world; with mixed success and/or satisfaction. However, I have recently found a different aspect of writing that I think I enjoy more: Editing.

I've been helping my friend with editing some homebrew D&D content recently and I honestly can't get enough. So far in my writing, I've noticed that my spelling and punctuation are usually quite good. Grammar has been only slightly less of a strength. Another thing I've always been good at it is finding flaws in people's reasoning and poking holes in plots and arguments. I really don't have an interest in being a lawyer though, which is what most people tell me I should do with this. Maybe I'm just an unimaginative bastard, but I've always really enjoyed taking things that exist and modifying or improving upon them.

So recently I've decided that editing may be a career that could make me happy. The problem is that I have no idea how to get started editing professionally. Do I just start in journalism and work my way up? How do editors at big firms get their jobs? Are there degrees involved? Am I being completely unrealistic?

I need help!

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