Was gonna start creative writing for a few reasons

  1. to improve my grammar, vocabulary, creativity etc.
  2. because I am teaching myself to code, I was thinking maybe the best way to remember what I have learned is write it down but in a story? making up characters, plots and settings each day to improve my memory skills on what I have learnt and also to make me creative with the story – is this a good idea?
  3. I read an hour a day. Now currently reading the Harry Potter series – The Order of the Pheonix, and I guess the best way to remember new words from the book and to understand the meaning of it is to write it down. Have it in the new daily creative writing.

theses are my three reasons why I am planning to start creative writing, but would like to know is this a good idea to start for a beginner and is there anyone else that started it, whether it was recently or long time ago, have seen the benefits in creative writing?? such as being creative, improved memory, making yourself feel a lot better, etc. etc.

Source: reddit post

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