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I've decided to finally start writing this year (as its something that I've always wanted to do) , and would like to have some feedback on the style of my writing and whether it "flows" or not (I'm not really sure if I'm even writing properly). I would also like to know if the prologue is interesting or just extremely boring. Any feedback is appreciated!


Evan stood at the middle of the pathway, unsure of where he was. Although it was apparent he was in a forest of some sort, Evan had no recollection of how he had gotten here. Evan took a look around him. The path that he stood on seemed to start randomly in the middle of the forest. He seemed to be standing at the beginning of the trail, since behind him were just trees and fallen logs. It seemed as though Evan had no choice but to follow the path, despite having no clue as to where it will lead to.

As Evan walked along the path, he noticed some unusual things about the forest. It was abnormally still, despite it being the middle of the day. One would think animals would be up and about at this time disrupting the serenity of the forest. It was also almost completely silent, with the exception of leaves rustling due to the wind. The forest gave off a mystical aura to it, as if whatever was at the end of this trail was a closely guarded secret hidden from the rest of the world. Despite not knowing how he had gotten here, Evan felt an odd sense of familiarity, like he’d walked this path before.

He soon reached the end of the trail, revealing a small lake. Taking a look around, Evan marvelled at how beautiful the scenery was. The lake looked pristine, and seemed to have been left completely untouched by civilization, just like the rest of the forest. Combined with the silence of forest, Evan’s surroundings gave off a strange, yet peaceful vibe. As he took in the sight of the lake, Evan noticed something at the centre of the lake not far from where he stood.

It was a girl. A girl was standing at the middle of the lake.

Yes, she was standing. Not floating, but standing. Defying the laws of reality, the girl stood, poised on her tiptoes on top of the crystal clear water, gazing up at the sky. Her hair, white as snow and neatly trimmed, reached all the way to her midsection. Dressed in a nightgown, the girl had a very serene, fragile look to her that evoked feelings of protectiveness from Evan, despite the fact that he hadn’t even see her face. Once again, Evan was hit by a wave of nostalgia, like he’d been in this situation before.

“Who, or what exactly is she?” Evan wondered.

Before Evan could call out to her, the girl got off of her tiptoes and slowly turned around to face him. Without delay, her eyes locked with his, suggesting that she was aware of his presence the whole time, despite him not making any noise since he had gotten to the end of the path.

The girl was unlike anyone Evan had ever seen.

Evan didn’t mean that she was more beautiful than anyone he’s ever met, but that she had an otherworldly beauty to her, as if she was a being different to that of humans. The girl’s pale blue eyes remained fixated onto Evan’s. If eyes were the windows to the soul, then Evan felt her gaze pierce those windows and stare straight into his psyche, assessing his very nature.

For some peculiar reason, Evan felt drawn to the girl, almost like her eyes compelled him to step forward. The girl smiled and held her hand out, further inviting him to walk up to her.

Except he couldn’t move. No matter how badly he wanted to run to her, to grab her hand, Evan found himself glued to the ground of the forest, as if an invisible force was holding him in place.

Why? Why couldn’t he move, even though he so desperately wanted to?

“Not yet, but soon.” the girl whispered.

Despite being rooted in place at the edge of the lake, Evan could hear her whisper all the way from the centre of the body of water, where she stood.

Not yet? What exactly did she mean by that? Is something important coming soon? Is she waiting for something?

Before Evan could find the answers to those questions, everything faded into darkness.

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