This is something I started working on. Since I know I always have my phone I've been doing this from my notes app, saving it as I go along. I'm sure theres grammatical errors and other things wrong but whatever. At least I'm heading in the right direction (at least I think I am)………


"Who are you?" She said, in a low whispered voice. Staring into the lightish grey eyes before her. So focused on them however in reality looking past them. As though her gaze could reveal the question she sought after. "Why are you here?" Again questioning but never losing her eyes focus. The sound of running water was the only noise yet she bearly heard it. Something told her there was more than what was simply on the surface. She couldn't figure it out though, no matter how hard she concentrated. In the end she knew she was correct. More than just intuition, it was a feeling in the pit of her stomach that she believed to be true.

BANG BANG! The abrupt sound startled her as it brought her out of her trance. "Rayne, are you in there?" The outside voice asked. "Ye-yeah, wait up. Give me a minute." She replied as she turned her attention back to those uniquely colored eyes. The only grey eyes she had ever seen. They called to her, they were the reason she was convinced there was more hidden behind them waiting to be revealed. She leaned forward "I will find what I'm looking for." Finally lowering her eyes as she dips her hands into the running water. The cool touch brings the goosebumps to the surface of her hands and arms. Again she looks up coldly and simply splashes water at the mirror in front of her before shutting off the faucet and turning to dry her hands.

Rayne opens the door and is assaulted by the almost deafening sound of music from the speakers. Stepping out from the enclosed bright pale white surroundings of a restroom to the scene of a large dark room. Colorful rhythmic lights that seemingly danced and followed the lead of the music beat were almost dizzying. There waiting for her was Wynter, her bestfriend or sister as they preffered to consider themselves.

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Valarie was a slender, tanned young woman standing 5'4", only about an inch shorter than Rayne herself. A beautiful petite girl with, what Rayne and many others often described as the "cutest little beauty mark" under her left eye. Often wearing little makeup except always having a dark lining around her hazel eyes. But what stood out most about Valarie was her dark brunette hair that was to the middle of her back with naturally light silverish almost white streaks. Since birth the neighborhood children would tease her and eventually grew so used to the nickname Wynter, she often didn't notice being called by her real name.

"I was wondering if you were still in there." Wynter said, leaning towards Rayne so they could hear eachother. "Yeah these two bitches before me were taking all night." Rayne grinned.

"It's almost 1, lets get another drink before we head out" Rayne told Wynter as she took her hand and they both made their way to the bar. Rayne and Wynter would both take advantage of the bar since their classmate was one of the bartenders and they were under the drinking age.

This was a weekly routine for Wynter and Rayne. Between the demanding schedule of classes they were both taking to maintaining and juggling their personal lives they weren't afforded the luxury of much down time. They would then try to take advantage of the free time they were given.

"Ugh, I'm so gonna hate life tomorrow in psyche." Wynter complained as she and Rayne sat down at their small table.

"Take some good notes. I'll copy them later in the night" Rayne said as she was taking a drink.

"Lucky bitch"

Rayne began laughing as she was taking a drink which made her cough slightly

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"Oh!" Rayne said through a cough.

"What happened with that guy at the student store?" Rayne asked.

As Wynter began telling her story, Rayne caught a glimpse of what she thought was someone watching them from the corner of her eye. She instantly had an uneasy feeling growing in the pit of her stomach. She would look at Wynter as she was telling her about a date she had earlier that afternoon, while glancing at the suspicious person sitting in a booth off in the corner. Sitting alone with what seemed to be an untouched glass of water sitting on the table in front of him. The dark lit bar made it difficult to point out many dicernable facial features. From what she could tell by simply glancing, he appeared to be a rather taller person with short cropped hair and no facial hair. He had on what looked like a long black coat.

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