Recently i have been reading a lot about the outbreak of the great war in particular Barbra Tuchman's "The Guns of August" and Christopher Clarke's "The Sleepwalkers". The thing that always seems to loom in my mind is the issue of Belgium neutrality and its overall impact on the war and e

the first thing that stands out to me is Britain's decision to defend Belgium's neutrality and enter the war against the Germans. in the previously mentioned texts the British politicians discuss the notion that major European war could disrupt the current balance of power and potentially end unfavourably for them. If Germany was to defeat Russia/France they would have massive influence over the political realm and challenge Britain position as greatest power. Was this the right decision to make tho. Britain would suffer extremely high casualties in the war the rattled their political system and arguably the decline of the British empire and the passing of the torch to the USA as super power. I know its easy to look back in hindsight but this was an issue that always seem to stick with me.

The second problem was the extreme damage to the German reputation caused by the invasion of Belgium. However overblown this issue was i feel the Germans suffered an extreme blow to their chances based off this alone. This was something that was hard for me to believe considering how obsessive the German generals were over not being named the instigator of the war in the preliminary stages.

overall this was a very curious subject for me and i would love to hear any thoughts you might have about it. What would of happened if Britain refused to enforce the treaty ? Could the Germans of defeated Russia and France i think so personally. How might Europe have looked post another Franco- German war. Anyt hing you hav

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