So, I’m writing a bar fight between my MC (named Ryan) and six other guys. But before you say he is ridiculously outnumbered and it will be an unrealistic scene, he has help from someone (Sam), and Ryan has had very intensive training in the deadliest of martial arts.

What’s the best tips you can give that will make the fight more visual, impactful, and chaotic without it confusing the reader?

Some background:

Ryan doesn’t know any of them personally but they’re thugs to the owner of the bar who is also involved in the fight.

And this might sound weird but, the person he is getting help from is the villain of the story. Ryan’s a homicide detective and he was banned from this bar last year, but was chasing him, so Sam led him in there (to get away with what he’d done and mislead Ryan, because getting involved with the fight would explain the lacerations on the back of his head which is vital to the case, instead of admitting they came from the night of the murder). He asks why he’s helping him and he says “they cleaned me out last night” because they also hold a gambling night (which is just another lie).

Also, this is the first time Ryan and Sam meet, and the first I reveal Ryan has combat training. Is this bad? This scene occurs pretty early in the story and I’ve already established he was in the military in the prologue (which takes place a little over a decade before these events) but his training went beyond that (he basically became a hitman later).

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