The period and setting I'm most into; Any recommendations for something like this? Or is there even anything like it?

(It's ok if it has fantastical elements like characters with superman physical abilities or even magic, as long as the actual historical aspects are solid)

(Also, my bad if you're already seen my previous post which is similar to this, I already got good recommendations in my last post, so I decided to ask again but about something different and more specific cause I really want to watch a cool solid medieval show that isn't rampant with innacuracies and gives 2 shits about the setting and only cares about showing awful fight scenes where full plate armor gets invalidated by a sword cut by the main character and the rest of the show is just badly done politics + porn-I mean, a "focus on romance"; and I figured there really isn't a better place to ask with better credentials in reddit about historically accurate shows than r/history )

Note: Unrelated but, where should I start if I want to start learning more about Medieval Europe? It'd be great if anyone could recommend some documentaries or good Youtube channels for this or anything you could think of, just please no books, I'm not much of a book person…

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