So I have a couple stories and plot structures that involve the certain situations. My issue is the verisimilitude of my story. I feel like I'm putting false information that would throw the reader off. Of course, I don't want to be entirely accurate (it's an Urban Fantasy action). But here are some things that stump me:

  • Amount of fights in an amateur boxing career
  • Police process if a museum was stolen one thing
  • Government censorship of a specific video

So yeah, scenes and the consequences of those scenes aren't coming to mind because I don't know those subject matters. Is there a subreddit to ask any question to get the realistic actions? I know there are multiple subreddits for each subject matter and that would help too, but I don't know which ones. Thanks!

PS. this isn't as important as I make it seems. I just like to research on a lot of different subject matters, ie., culture, location, history, etc. and put what I learn to work.

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