Hello, I'm trying to become a better writer by expanding my vocabulary but am unsure in the most effective way to do so. Some ideas I have come across, through others and websites, are

  1. Simple, but ineffective option is to simply pore over the dictionary. This method, however, has several drawbacks. It's time consuming and a lot of time is spent learning archaic and infrequent words. Only a small fraction of words are actually used in typical writing and time is wasted memorizing unnecessary words.
  2. Second option is going through vocabulary lists (such as quizlet, vocabulary.com, etc.). This is effective, but a good majority of the words are what I already know and there is a large overlap between lists. Moreover, I'm constrained to an arbitrary set of words someone thinks is "important".
  3. Third, and by far the most effective method, is to read. This, although, requires a great amount of time and vocabulary is increased at a slow pace (depending on what you read). More dense works of writing (periodicals such as The Economist for example) would require looking up words every other sentence making reading slow and unfun, and less dense writing (such as light fiction) does not feature as many high caliber words to be useful.

Currently, I keep a log of unfamiliar words I encounter while reading and try to incorporate and use them is my writing. This, along with spaced repetition, has given me a powerful vocabulary already. But, at this point, it is difficult for me to improve writing solely by reading books. I'm looking for a program that (based on a frequency but also difficulty) that generates a number of random words. I'm not sure if this exists already, but I'm sure it would be useful for many people. Do you guys know any other ways of improving vocabulary?

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