Journalism is dying and no one has a coherent reason, and I genuinely believe I know, and I built a solution.

Problem: Advertising. It should be nowhere near journalism. People think they are getting content for free, but it takes time, effort and other resources to research, filter, summarize, categorize and curate the information. That costs money. Someone pays. The advertisers pay. Their interests are different to the consumers of the news.

So, as a journalist, if you work for a company, you write in the style that the company wants, on the topics that they want. If there is something else you are interested in or passionate about, too bad. Or you write for free on Medium or your personal blog.

This process has been 'refined' over time, to stick with either controversial (but safe) topics, or attention-grabbing gossip. This is where advertisers pay the most as there is the highest traffic.

As a member of the public looking for news, this has meant that most sites are covered in annoying, irrelevant ads, most of which are click-bait, along with popups and auto-play videos about medicines, detergents and other irrelevant rubbish.

Netflix is proof that people want an ad-free experience. The problem is that subscriptions are too high, and companies get paid instead of journalists. I would happily pay 50c per channel per month if there were thousands of journalists with their own channels covering unique topics, for me to choose from. Eg, for $8, I could have 16 channels I have subscribed to on a range of topics from in depth documentaries on misc topics, to a local daily neighborhood news channel with everything from crime, traffic and weather stats to meetings and events, etc, and everything in between.

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In addition, people want to create. That's why YouTube is still exploding. However, I know that YouTubers would far prefer a set income, not gamble with the ad algorithms. So, if there is an audience willing to pay, and journalists willing to report on the millions of interesting things going on all around the world every day, why are they not interacting in an ad-free way? Because there is no platform.

I have built an MVP where you can create channel(s) as many as you want, where you can write articles or embed your YouTube vids, and hopefully start building an audience. The public would prob only start subscribing when there is a large enough group of journalists – so the early adopters of this would be journalists, I guess. If it were to work.

Thoughts? (On the problem, if you see it in the same way or differently? And on the solution I have made/ proposed? What is wrong with it).


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