Hi everyone, I've been thinking for some time about characters for my story, and I've come across a good idea. My story is set in Medieval Times in an imaginary world where dragons and humans have to cohexist. Among humans, the Rangers support a treaty among the two races where they help each other, while the Dragon Hunters must kill every dragon who doesn't respect this treaty, harming humans (this is the background in a few words). My mains are a Ranger and his trainee, a girl. Now, the Ranger is called Darren and he's blind. He was once in the Dragon Hunters, but when he witnessed the abuses the Hunters do to their prisoners, he fled. He was hunted down and tortured, and when he was rescued a magician healed him, but the price for this magic was his sight. Now, I've never written a blind character, left alone in a fantasy setting. Does any of you have any tips or suggestions of blind characters in literature? Thank you in advance 🙂

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