Forgive me if this is the wrong use of this flair…I'm going to pull the "I'm new" card. I would like a opinion on my main villian's weapon

So the main villain in one of my stories wields a broadsword named Blood-Lust, it is a Golden Bladed, black handled sword that looks normal at first sight, but as the villain fights with it, it becomes stronger and sharper as it draws more human blood, hence the name. So as he fights it gets easier and easier for him to slice through his enemies. Another feature of the sword is it was bound to its owner, nobody but the villain can use it, if another person picks it up, it becomes dull and worthless. It is only powerful in his hands.

Edit: backstory

So the villain is a monster who used to be human, the sword was once a normal sword that the human forged and used to fight in a war, after the wars end, the human faced off against a powerful monster and managed to kill him, but when he did, the monster mannaged to use the last of its power to corrupt the person who killed it. The human then slowly formed into the monster and the blood from the old monster infected the sword, turning it into Blood-Lust. Because both worked together to slay the monster, they became atrached to each other, the sword only working in the monsters hands.

So…what do you think, any questions or opinions i would love to see them


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