So this story has been off and on the back burner for years. The story itself is pretty thought through. But it's the world they're in that I've had trouble with.

Story takes place in the turn of the 20th (edit to 20th) century. Some cars are on the road but few have metal spoke wheels. The telephone is still a new idea with very few around. Magic has been around since the dawn of man. But magic has lead to some very nasty periods in history. So the church made an effort after the middle ages to wipe it as best they could. So by the time of our story it's around but illegal. This is in the new world. Where the church doesn't have a historical control. Over the years different waves of immigrants have come. Many bringing witches. New York has more than most countries have. Practicing magic is still "technically" illegal but very useful.

Our main character is a practicing witch who works for a small casino. Everything about the place is just barely skirting the law anyways. Our characters job is to sniff out customers who cheat. Far too many think that if they get their hands on a cheap luck potion made in the gutter that they'll be rich off the casino. But all that potion is good for is letting you survive what the bouncers have in store. Life for our characters is dull and average until he meets someone and gets into something way over his head.

The world is an alternate of our own. The United States is not so "united" and is more of a confederation. Due to the presence of magic the Native Americans were not wiped out as fully. They are a heavy minority similar to Africans in our world. Much of the mid west and other areas belong to native tribes. This is important because only they have the means to grow and harvest special plants (and other things) used to make medicines and things of great use. Outside the states there are debates as to whether these "Indian goods" are magical or not. But trade has kept Native American lands. And magical tolerance has been around so long as it's made people money.

I've been thinking of making all the cars electric. And have the batteries fueled from something they can only get from the Indian Nations. But I'm not sure if that's going too far. Later in the story tribe after tribe takes sides and they greatly influence how other characters act. Meaning there's fear that the whole economy will crash if trade with the Indian Nations stops. So I want them to be influential but not over kill.

Anyways there's a lot going on with this one. I want to walk that fine line between fanciful and believable. The story is basic. Boy meets troubled girl and gets sucked into a black hole of trouble. I'm basically making a world that my character will be destroying. I'd be happy for some feedback. I left a lot open for questions so feel free to ask. I'm still throwing around stuff to see what sticks.

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