Brief talking points of King James VI and I (Perhaps best known for the King James Bible)


King James VI and I was King James VI of Scotland, and later King James I of England and Ireland. He is perhaps most known today for two distinct happenings of his lifetime. The first is for his sponsorship of the King James Bible, and the second was for his rule during the Gunplowder Plot.

Onto the brief talking points of which I found interesting, in regards to his sponsorship of the Bible. He was known for trying to maintain peace, especially in instances of religious wars, despite religion's well known and documented history of being a central theme in wars, coupled with his "fondness" for one of the deadliest. It seemed odd for a King in the 1500s and early 1600s to not be a warmonger and/or zealot. Furthermore, there was dispute about his sexuality. He was rumored to have relationships with men named Esmé Stewart (later Duke of Lennox), Robert Carr (later Earl of Somerset), and George Villiers (later Duke of Buckingham). Sir John Oglander said of the matter, "never yet saw any fond husband make so much or so great dalliance over his beautiful spouse as I have seen King James over his favourites, especially the Duke of Buckingham".

There are more examples and observations about this matter but I'm going to pass out, and I think you are more than capable of pursuing this further if that is your desire.

So I'll finish with this: The modern day Bible, which condemns homosexuality, was sponsored and likely approved by a closet homosexual, or at the very least, a sexually ambiguous man.

Shame or sham, we may never know.

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