When I started out years ago, during the eBook market boom, I picked up many of the articles that heavily involved Twitter and spamming the hashtags '#amwriting' and whatnot, and joined my local NaNoWriMo & writers' groups, and then talking with agents and authors online in the grand hope of pitching them your novel idea and then getting published.

Long story short, I've private'ed my pen name's Twitter and Instagram quite a long while back in February, and haven't been back ever since, focusing more on my edits.

The growth in my following never got beyond 500 follows since 2016 despite obeying the "pep talk" by all the articles.

Instead, I often received the more non-genuine reaction of getting follows from bot accounts, weird generic name self-publishing houses, or accounts that follow you(that you follow you back) and then unfollow you to simply boost their follower count, and then finally the robots that auto-message you to visit their site for ad-revenue, or to buy their book for $1, or subscribe to their newsletter. Then there's the demons who buy followers.

Question here to this thread is:

  1. "Is there anyone who managed to get past 1000 followers?"
  2. "Is self-promotion necessary? For traditional publishing or self-pub?"
  3. "Has anyone here suffered burnout just trying to get a following for your book/pen name? And did you come back?"

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