While we all know about the Famous Chariot Races of Constantinople, and the resulting riots that followed. I am still confused about the Blues and Greens. I understand how they came to influence, I just don't understand what they used that influence fore.
Basically I am confused to what politics the Blues and Greens actually had.
I have done some research on it, and I haven't really found anything satisfactory. I found one that said the Blues represented Greece and the Greens represented Anatolia; I found another that said the Blues represented the Catholic Church and the Greens represented the Orthodox Church; and one that claimed they represented "Sword Control."
I am frustrated at this point, and would love if anyone could just tell me the answer.

PS: also what happened to the Reds and Whites? Were they still around by the time of Justinian (if so did they have politics too?), or did the Blues and Greens…stomp them out?

Source: reddit post

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