Can anyone recommend a good biography of François Villon?


English is preferable, but French is fine too. Apparently, not all that much is known for sure about his life.

This subreddit apparently has a minimum character limit for self posts, so to fulfill that requirement, here's some basic info about Villon.


"Mais où sont les neiges d'antan?"

This is the most famous and well known quote from François Villon, a medieval French poet known as much for his roguish exploits as for his poetry.

Born in 1431 as either François de Montcorbier or François de Loges, he studied at the University of Paris as a young man. Later, in 1455, he was banished for fatally stabbing a priest to death in a street fight. (Allegedly, the priest started it.)

Later on, after a stay in prison, he stabbed another person in another street fight. He was banished again. Not much is known of his life after this second incident.

His poetry reflects his involvement in the "criminal underworld" of fifteenth century Paris, incorporating contemporary thieves' slang and other linguistic features that went against the grain of the usual courtly ideals of the time.


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