I have always liked coming up with stories and as a child I dreamed of becoming a writer. Until recently (I am 22 now) I never really did much with that dream, I tried writing down my stories on a few occasions, but I found it too hard to fill the pages between all the important events.

Recently I have been making some more serious attempts, but I feel like my writing is pretty horrible. My use of language is just too to the point or too limited. A potential problem here is that my native language is Dutch, but I find that language to be very limiting when I try to write, so I switched to English. I don't think my English is bad, I exclusively in English and I have written lots of English papers for university and got complicated for my mastery and use of the languages by plenty of teachers. But creative writing is so different, while I seem to have more success writing English stories than Dutch ones I still feel like my writing is… just bad.

I don't have trouble coming up with story ideas. I have plenty I would like to write down. But at times I feel like I am just wasting my time. My texts so far are very uninteresting to read and I really have to try to fill each chapter. I have trouble adding details as well.

Is this something all new writers deal with? Can I (still) learn how to do this better? And if so how?

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