I’ve been working on a piece of fiction for years and I finally finished it. I’m so happy with it. I think it’s the best thing I’ve probably ever written. I could easily cut it down to 10,000 words just to make it clean and easy.

I submitted it for a competition but didn’t get anywhere. I’m not that interested in having it published via anyone else. I’ve submitted a variety of pieces to different publications/online zines and have had a couple things published years ago, but since then the feedback has been ‘it’s great, just not right for us.’ So I’m pretty happy to just self publish.

Is this even a plausible thing to do? I’ve thought about fleshing it out into an anthology thingy and add poetry to make it a larger book, but the story is so self contained and large within itself.

Has anyone self published such a short story? I’ve contacted a local agency and organised a chat about physically self publishing it, it’s also smart to publish it as an ebook, but I actually don’t even know anyone who reads ebooks. It feels smarter to just sell it as a PDF with a good layout and nice cover etc.


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