Okay, technically, I'm not a teenager; I'm 18 years old. So, I guess I'm considered a very young adult, but one can still view me as an older teen.

I'm planning to write an espionage action thriller, kind of like the James Bond novels. But its author, Ian Fleming, was an adult and not to mention, a former naval intelligence officer. I guess he would have the experience and knowledge to write such spy novels.

Now, my novel won't be as realistic or serious as James Bond- all of the agencies and forces in the novel are made up, and the tone of the novel is more on the humorous side. It's a bit inspired by Overwatch and TF2, where both games are meant for adult fans (I'm not so sure for OW though, it might be marketed for teens), but art style and tone can be considered juvenile enough to attract younger audiences.

However, I'm afraid that publishers might think that this style and tone of writing might be considered too childish for an adult novel. All of the adult novels that I've read are much more mature and serious compared to my own planned stories. I think that the tone and writing of my novel might work as YA or New Adult, but the main characters are in their 30's, so I can't market it as new adult. I definitely can't market it as YA. I would also like to note that there's some violence in the novel which might be more suited for adults, but The Hunger Games is pretty violent and it's marketed as YA.

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All of the young authors I know mostly write children books or YA (such as Alexandra Adornetto) as it might be much easier to write. I'm more interested to write adult novels, but with juvenile tone to it. Would it sell well?

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