Hi. I wrote the track of a dialogue, but I'm not completely satisfied with it, so I'm looking for new stimuli. Since brainstorming all by myself isn't helping, I thought that maybe you could give me some ideas.

For context: my MC has a history of suicide attempts as a cry for attention. His friend is being brutally honest.

(I'm translating this from my language, sorry if it's clumsy)

(Friend) – It's a test. You're testing him, but you know it's a test that they all lose because you repeat it, over and over and over, until they're tired of trying. There's a only one outcome. The game ends when they make mistake and then you think, well, it's true, people always disappoints you.

(Friend) – You did it with your parents and anyone who tried to get close before him.

(MC) – Oh god, Carl, why don't you invite them all and make them sit in front of a cup of tea, so you can share the horrifying story of how I ruined your life by existing? … You don't know shit.

(Friend) – No? What happens to those who try to help you, then?

(MC) – I'll give you the keys to the basement so you can find out.

(Friend) – Gladly. I haven't seen that girl in years, what's her name, Emily? I wondered where she was.

(Friend) – How many times has it happened and what has it been for?

(MC) – Are you accusing me of not having tried better?

(Friend) – I'm saying there are healthier ways to ask for help.

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