Caring about people.


I recently went back and read through my old stories that i thought might have some potential. I realized that i have alot of characters that are somewhat their own people.

By that i mean they arent based off of me and my actions, and i thinks thats weird.

Theres like two or three characters that i have that are bases off of my experiences and they have alot of traits i see in myself but then i have like fifteen other people with stories that i cant work on because i dont know them.

I know that sounds lazy, like i get that thats part of the creative process to make these characters real and give them their own body basically, but i cant.

This could be based off of personal things going On in my head with relating to other people on that emotional level, but thats besides the point.

But i need advice.

How do i make myself relate to my character enough that i can tell their story. Maybe this will help me with real people as well.

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