Pretty straight forward question really.. Why did chain mail not rise to the same level of prominance in China that it did in Western Europe?

As far as i understand chainmail first appears around the 5th century BC being developed by Celts or other ethnic barbarian groups inhabiting central Europe and the Balkans, it was prevalent in both the barbarian cultures and was quickly adopted by the Romans being used extensively pretty much throughout the entire Roman period and beyond, the Romans and the various Persian Empires which existed during late antiquity used chainmail heavily and obviously even after the fall of the Western Roman Empire chainmail would remain the most popular form of forged armour until the 14th century AD in Western Europe.

I'm not sure how early the Chinese would have been introduced to chainmail or even if they independently developed it and disgarded it previously, but considering it is known that Han Dynasty China and the Romans/Sassanids had established diplomatic relations and trade existed between Europe/Near East and China as early as 140AD why didn't chainmail become as prevalent in China as it did in Europe?

Edit: i should preface this question by saying that Chain Mail is rarely depicted in artwork or representations of ancient China, my question really boils down to, assuming chainmail is introduced to Han period China around 140Ad – why hasn't it taken over completely within a generation considering the benefits which made it so popular in Europe would also apply in Han China.

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