Just a quick note on my experience, in case anybody is dealing witha similar issue, this has been such a great way for me to break out of a writer's block.

I began my novel in first person. After writing about 5 chapters in first person, I decided to do it in third-person, limited to the MC. This helped me a ton at first, but after another 2 chapters, my story began to lose steam. What my main issue was, was trying to find a consistent way to move the plot, while focusing on one person's perspective, despite the many days of travel between one place to the next. I found myself just writing really cheesy dialogue between MC and a companion, just to fill in the blanks while still trying to show character traits. The result came out forced, and most of it was scrapped anyway, and I started to get frustrated.

After being a month into a writers block, barely slogging through writing one chapter, I decided to expand the horizon, and change perspective to the two antagonists of the story, and the result has been tremendous. I'm no longer burdened to force the mundane into an interesting scene that moves plot. I am able to write a that matters, send MC on his way, then switch to another part of my world, write a scene that matters, and so on and so forth. I began this on Monday, and I've already written three chapters that I am adequately satisfied with (obviously they aren't perfect, but it's on paper!).

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