So here's the thing. For a few months now I've started writing what may be the project I'm the most looking forward to finishing. It's not 100% original fiction, it's a fan-fiction, but none of that shipping stuff between obscure characters or whatever.

So now that most people have probably been filter since I used the double-F-word, here's some more context for the advice I'm asking for. It's a fiction that takes place in the universe of Fallout, specifically the game Fallout 4. I've gone for something rather gritty, bloody, graphic, there's a lot of action, and also a bunch of psychology, since the main character is mostly based on my overthinking/overanalyzing self. To go with this, I've started writing my story in first person.The character often thinks to himself, there's slang in the dialogues and also in the way he thinks, so I considered it more fitting, maybe it could bring the reader into more immersion. I'm currently probably around 40-50% of the first serious version, 15k words, just so you know.

Now what bugs me about this is that some of my most anticipated scenes to write, I have thought them with an external narration, or at least telling some parts here and there that the character shouldn't know about since he's not present at this exact moment. So my question is: do I need to change the global stand point of my story, or if a shift of stand point can be considered, in which case I'd like to know how to do it best?

TL;DR My stuff is (so far) written in 1st person, can I change it to 3rd person in some bits, and how?

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