As of right now, I’m a junior in highschool currently in the process of writing the second draft of my novel. It’s a multiple character perspective story following the lives of three women, living in on the world I’ve created. Now, as it stands, all three of them are said to be 20-22 years old. However, in having some friends and family read some of my stuff, (yes, I know it’s early but I just couldn’t wait), and many of them suggested that I change the characters ages to the 16-17 year old age.

They suggested this for a couple of reasons. The majority of fantasy works star characters that age, it would be a much more interesting growth development for the characters, and I’m starting to think that it would also be much more relatable to the readers, as well as make some conversations and scenes more interesting.

Now, obviously that would take a TON of reworking, bet hey, I’m new at this. But I was wondering what you guys might think, would it be more interesting to have characters that are younger or older?

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