In my rough draft, there are two main character, a woman, around 28 years old, your average shy introvert (these are not the same but I'm trying to go for a combo of both), a bit of a wallflower and an eternal people pleaser that sometimes gets stepped on. She hates that about her and I intend for her to become more confident and self assures as the story progresses. She's an external auditor for the other character's workplace.

The other character, he's around 30 and he's quite aloof until you get closer to him. He's really assertive and a natural leader in the workplace and, outside of it, he's a bit of a party animal and promiscuous. As for his backstory, I'm planning on the death of an older sibling who was the golden kid of his (well off) family, which led him to turbulent teenage years but, eventually, he got his act together and made the most out of being in a too high up position in his father's company. This is a sore spot for him.

My issue is having these two really different personality types come closer, as in a real life setting it seems like it would clash a bit. My idea was having them break each others walls and him helping her become more confident and her helping him calm down. They would also end.up together. Could this be done in a realistic setting? Maybe.having him be amused with her shy demeanour and enjoying teasing her a bit?

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