Hey folks,

I am doing a 10 minute radio drama piece. I am a huge creepypasta-guy and figured I would set out to produce one myself. While I know a thing or two about how to wrangle sounds, I am admittedly not much of a fiction writer. But, here is what I have whipped up for a plot:

The story is narrated in first person by the main character, who is some type of contractor (IT/Fiber). She gets a late night call to go to a remote Canadian town to fix something. When arriving, it turns out that the town, rumoured to be a sleepy, hippy town, in fact harbours something that wants to hurt her. So far I am debating either the town being a cult wanting to sacrifice her to some sort of being, or that they are all cannibals? Sounds dark, I know – but that's Creepypastas for you.

What are some good ways to give the listener the feeling of "Wait, something isn't right here…" and then build the suspense. I was thinking that maybe everyone in that town that she flies into carries some sort of symbol, stick, or just says unsettling shit to her as she goes about her grocery shopping etc… Since it is only a 10 min piece I can't go too long, but I figured I would ask the bright brains on this sub for some guidance.

Thanks a bunch!
/Confused radio guy

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