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I recently got out of a long hiatus for writing, approximately two years and have recently decided to try my hand at it once again. Considering I used to write religiously, coming back to it while refreshing for the mind has reminded me of some weakness’ that I still haven’t improved majorly on. I can see a lot of improvement from old works that I’ve read back on but there is one thing I am struggling with. Character interaction.

So what I have to ask is, how do you guys get conversation between your characters to run smoothly and more importantly what are some tips that you guys have as far as character movement goes? What I have noticed is that I have a bit of trouble when it comes to shying away from the usual, ‘so and so blinked’ or ‘so and so’s tone was this’ or even ‘they did this as if…’ It’s sort of like events are happening but the character’s movements do not quite go with the situation at hand, like standing around in a setting with talking and basic movements.

What other examples would you all have for depicting what a character is doing or how they are feeling without using the common movement with the eyes or hands or the usual tone of voice associated with certain emotions or movements during conversation or with interaction in general? In order to make it more alive or smooth than repeating the same basic and plain movements associated with certain situations. Or even moreso make it more exclusive to a specific character.

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I apologize if this is a bit confusing of an explanation but I am not sure how else to explain what I mean. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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