I struggle with character motivation. I just can't seem to get a character to CARE about what is happening in my narratives. I have interesting plot, I have developed characters, but I can't come up with a way to connect my character to the conflict without using The Chose One trope. I'll take help or a simple redirect to helpful content.

EDIT: Becuase this seems to be a common problem, I'm going to add plot information to this post.

Main Character: Sage/Idealist Philosopher/Lore keeper.

-He's a thinker, not a doer. Worried he can't do anything to help.

-He doesn't care about anything except his research.

-Reclusive and subconsciously depressed.

-Prefer to seek greater knowledge than to fight for self preservation.

Major Conflict: A Celestial Titan is escaping the void to destroy the world.

Major (possible) Resolution: An Earth Titan is summoned and the Celestial Titan is locked in the void.

Theme: natural (Earth Titan) versus supernatural (Celestial Titan).

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