Characters I have for my story.


So here I have some info on my characters as well as a brief biography on them.

So here goes:


Shanar Elaine Kirsley:

Age: 18

Gender: female

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 125 lbs

Shanar helped her father on the fruit farm since she was a child. She recently graduated from high school and is looking to apply for college. One day, after helping her father with the delivery, she noticed a group of soldiers calling themselves the Hand of Slayetaust looking for recruits. Later that night, Shanar encounters Seria, a strange elf-like being from another world. Her family had tragically been killed by the Hand of Slayetaust while attempting the escape the raid in her hometown. She survived due to the intervention of Seria and the counter attack on the H.O.S. by their opposing force, the Liberation Front. Shanar, along with Seria, carries on with a heavy heart and sets out to stop the Dark Lord Slayetaust before more lives are lost.


Age: 15

Gender: female

Height: 5'02"

Weight: 117 lbs

Seria belonged to a race of elf like beings known as the Sayenausians. Her people were massacred by Slayetaust's forces due to their worshiping of Zemenaus, the light deity, as their holy protector. With the help from her father, she received a magical pendant that teleported her to the human world of Eden, where she met Shanar. During that night, she sees a vision the people in town are in danger, which prompted Shanar and her family to evacuate. Seria was unable to save Shanar's family when Venthas, Slayetaust's chief lieutenant, knocked her down to the ground during the confrontation and executed Shanar's father to make an example of for defiance, followed by her two younger brothers, her mother, and then her youngest sister. She and Shanar were rescued by the Liberation Front, who received report of the H.O.S. attack, but were too late to prevent it. Seria bears the responsibility to save mankind from the darkness and bring forth Zemenaus, the only one who can defeat Slayetaust.

Menyer S. Samsforth:

Age: 21

Gender: male

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 160 Ibs

Menyer is a soldier in the Liberation Front, whose goal is to liberate mankind from Slayetaust's grip on their world. He joined the military at the age of 18 with his his father Walter Samsforth. He lost his mother at a young age to terminal illness while she was pregnant with his sibling. After 3 years of being in a military, his father was killed in action during one of his battles, which also left him scarred on his left cheek. Menyer suffers from PTSD, like most of his fellow soldiers. But that has not deterred him from accomplishing his goal to survive and win the war. The Liberation Front's motto is "Liberation for mankind!". Menyer confronted Venthas during the counter attack on the H.O.S. Although outmatched, he managed to stand up against Venthas. He might have not survived if it wasn't for Seria's intervention, who managed to drive Venthas back before he fled and left the H.O.S. to fend for themselves. He helped Shanar and Seria get to safety with the other survivors.


Age: existed since time began

Height: 7'0"

Weight: 215 lbs

Zemenaus is the light deity and the protector of all life. But one day, due to Slayetaust's intervention, he was rendered unable to save the Sayenausians and watched helplessly as they were all slaughtered, save for one. It requires beings who are pure in heart and soul for him to be summoned, and Zemenaus waits for the day for him to be called upon again and put a stop to Slayetaust's destructive ambition. He values life above all else, and has a strong sense of justice. It is believed that Zemenaus is the only one who can defeat Slayetaust.



Age: existed since time began

Height: 12'05"

Weight: 400 Ibs

Slayetaust is the dark lord of his realm Trenthuras, and master of all darkness. He seeks destruction of those who oppose him, such as his twin brother Zemenaus and the Sayenausians, whom he considers a threat to his rule. Because of this, he sent his forces to exterminate every one of them, although managed to escape. He tasked Venthas with eliminating Seria so that Zemenaus will be unable to stop him with the light being extinguished. He is selfish, prideful, and is considered the most powerful being in the universe, as well as the most cunning, using his luring ways to corrupt the hearts and souls of men to his will. Slayetaust also possess the ability to defeat his brother Zemenaus.


Age: 400 (appears to be in his 20s)

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 160 lbs

Venthas is Slayetaust's second in comand. He was once human 400 years ago when Slayetaust came into his life and saved him from a life of tragedy after sensing rage in his heart. He was then converted into Slayetaust's legion, at the cost of his own humanity. He was the one responsible for the massacre of the Sayenausians according to his master's will. He learned that one had escape, and sets out to end her. He also ordered the H.O.S to launch the attack on Shanar's hometown after the initial refusal to join forces. He, along with the H.O.S unit killed Shanar's family, and was about to execute her until Seria steps in after her recovery of being knocked down to the ground. During his fight with the lone soldier Menyer, seria drove him back with the power of her pendant, forcing him to flee, while coldly abandoning the H.O.S. forces under his command. Because of this, Venthas was then demoted and lost his place as Slayetaust's right hand, which was soon taken by the four generals of Trenthuras. Now he makes it his personal goal to kill Seria and her friends to reclaim his place, and prove his worth to Slayetaust. Venthas is sadistic, arrogant, and just about as cruel as his master, as well as being the second most powerful in his legion.


Age: unknown

Gender: male

Height: 8'5"

Weight: 360 Ibs

Xok is the hulking brute, and Venthas's trusted lackey. He does speak, but communicates with a series of growls. He relies solely on his brute strength to overpower his opponents. After his humiliating defeat, Venthas sent Xok after Seria, to finish what he started. But even Xok was unable to accomplish the task; during his attack, Seria saved Menyer's life when she used her pendant to materialize a sword made of solid crystal that stopped Xok from delivering the killing blow. After sustaining some injuries from Menyer's newly formed crystal sword, he fled the midst of battle, and received a severe beating from Venthas. No he and his partner both plans their revenge.

Gustavo Leviticus Ramstock:

Age: 47

Gender: male

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 310 lbs

Ramstock is the leader of the Hand of Slayetaust, a group of men fiercely loyal to dark lord who promised them great power in return for their service. They believe themselves to be superior to everyone else due to their loyalty for Slayetaust. Ramstock gives the orders to his military which includes recruiting members(albeit a bit forcibly), raiding and pillaging neighboring towns for resources, neutralizing his enemy forces, research and development in his branch, and carry out the whims of his master Slayetaust. After a failed attempt to recruit members from Shanar's hometown, Venthas orders Ramstock to send his forces down to wipe out the people in it. After receiving the report of the Liberation Front stopping the complete massacre, he sends more of his troops to finish them off.

Sorry if this seemed long and boring. These are the main ones I have so far, along with some of the supporting characters.

Edit: updated for weight accuracy, to the best of my ability and knowledge.

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