Whew, I'm finally making a post after lurking for ages!

To keep it brief, I'm writing a high fantasy based a lot on Alchemy and (loosely) Wicca/witchcraft. I came across Culpeper during research and thought it would be fun-ish to reference him when talking about the herbal side of my magic system by calling my herbist shopkeeper Mulpeper. However, if this sounds familiar to you, you may already know where this is going:

There's already a Mulpepper in harry potter.

I've never read harry potter and a lot of my knowledge on the books comes from the rants I've been subjected to by my older brother/ex-friend and that one time I tried to read a couple of pages. But, I knew enough to check and was right when I found the wiki page. Even though I'm a stranger to the universe, I know they are more or less the same concept (Potion/herb-shop owners (??)) and I'm not sure if I want to cross that line, especially as our magic systems could be considered similarly rooted. I'm afraid Mulpeppers Apothecary and Mulpeper & co might be too similar.

My question is would it seem like I'm copying Hp if I include him, or just referencing Culpeper? But also, more importantly, where is the line of originality/coincidence when it comes to concepts drawn? I know there's a difference between "inspiration"/coincidence and copying, but I feel like that line is blurred in this instance.

TL;DR: My WIP has a similarly named character/concept to Hps and I'm not sure where the line is drawn when it comes to coincidence.

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