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Gouau, or also known as, “The Great Hunger”.

A massive elongation, stretching longer than the great western range, when coiled, as large as a mountain, spitting lakes of mordant death. Skin like granite, with spikes that rip apart Tetragog himself. Consumer of all that is flesh and stone. The Great Hunger. Gouau


The Great Hunger. A time of great strife. Where a giant worm terrorized parts of Mantrea, which lasted one fourths of the second era and three fourths of the first era. Before the worm showed himself he manifested his children first. Giving birth to hundreds, then thousands, onward until an untold number of them existed. They would swarm towns and villages destroying defenses and eating anything they could find. Alive or dead. That’s when Gauau would show himself, devouring whole villages and cities and all in his wake. Many small kingdoms were disappearing off of maps entirely. Not able to face such a beast without the proper knowledge or protection. Only the largest kingdoms were doing ok against the beast,until one day a strong wizard challenged the monster in its home territories. Over many years the two fought each other throughout the deserts many wastelands. The wizard would travel from town to town, city to city. Setting traps and killing many of the worms offspring. Finally after seventeen years of battling the creature along with over two hundred thousand cohorts he had gathered over the many years he spent fighting the massive beast. He managed to trap the monster inside the walls of the largest city in the Gohlin desert. The battle of Otepeh. Otepeh was all but evacuated because signs of Gauau were all but apparent in those days. During the battle the city was devoured and sunk beneath the sands and rock by the beast, some say he died, others say he fled with mortal wounds. The battle was a success, ridding the world of his physical being. Alas, Because the cult around the worm was created as the worm traveled and continuously wreaked havoc, his influence was allowed to flourish underground and in dark places. Many of its followers were surviving descendants from the second and final beast wars. They followed the worms every track and every site that the worm had visited, they built temples and shrines. Temples with entrances that resemble the mouth of Gauau are all but gone and buried under the deepest sands of time. Although, some of the temples snarl and glare out at the world ever so slightly from the topsoils of the planet. Waiting to be discovered. Be warned, entering of these temples can cause those who enter, to become highly disorientated, the worms voice is said to communicate in such a tone,…that it can cause anybody who has not practiced the ancient art of womzkilk, to go absolutely insane and extremely violent as a result. Many becoming a terrible type of Death Drifter. Womzkilk is a language developed by studying the monster over hundreds and hundreds of years by the cult itself. On rare occasion, special interconnected stone tubes from hideouts created by the cult leaders, in ancient times,… allowed the worm Gauau to speak to his followers. He still searches for remnants of his once mighty following of worshipers to this day. (Side note, for the books sake, a small yet growing faction of the worm cult still exists in its origin place, the Great Gohlin Desert.) In a place where the worms obvious presence has left its mark. This large stretch of wasteland is thusly named,… the Gauau sinkholes of Gohlin. The terrain in that area is made even more dangerous by the acid lakes that dot the sands and dunes of the Gauau Sinkholes. The area is also called the Gauau wastes for obvious reasons. Infested with deadly gigantic man eating worms, evil cultists, bandit tribes, acid lakes, and more recently in the times near the rise of the Karouge, the DOS. Aka the Defectors of Solarria. Their goal in the wastes is to try and help the Gauau cult find, and resurrect the massive worm into his now growing army of monsters and deadly creatures to fight alongside him to topple the powers at large. Gauau still gives birth to his brood of worms. They can’t ever become as large as him because they are his creations, his sons. Smaller versions of himself. The largest ones can reach up to fifty feet in length, smaller ones are six to eight feet long. Babies are the size and weight of a fat ten year old. Eggs are around the size of a one foot by one foot rubber ball. The babies when born bathe in the acid pools of the wastes and are known to jump out at prey and pull them into the acid if they get too close to the lakes and pools of acid. People do not know this but the brood of worms that Gauau produces cannot reproduce themselves contrary to popular science. Those who study the worms in the Gauau wastes only theorize that they reproduce asexually. The worm cult are known for traveling the Gauau wastes looking for these broods, they tend to feed and protect them, nurture them. As if giving life to these mostly fatherless babies being as they are disconnected to their father at times. The cult takes a quarter of the worms for themselves and sets the rest of them back into the wild to roam freely. A cult member typically wears a robe, one suitable for the wastes, brown and padded on the joints thickly, with worm leather in order to traverse the wastes properly. A face mask apparatus to be able to breath around the acid lakes where they search for baby worms. *

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Groups that traverse the Gauau wastes

Worm Cult DOS (Defectors of Solarria) Various bandit groups Gauau’s brood Random dark wizards

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