I'd like to see that some more.

In many stories we have many stupid people in the highest echelons of power who will then have to be foiled by people who would violate the law to "do the right thing" or some crap.

I feel like society in general is figuring that law books are all old and dusty and if you follow them to much you're an asshole. And then you must be stopped by some hero who makes stuff explode and eventually does the same to you all to do the right thing or something.

In my Guard training i got some appreciation for the elegance of some laws. If created properly, you will be having a tool to judge people for deeds that most of us would agree we don't want to have done to us. And sometimes you have some laws that can endure centuries when our technology develops right past the humans that created those laws.

Like the right to your own likeness. No one can make money with a picture of you or your singing voice or whatever without your approval. So now we have created a law that would protect Major Kira nerys of Deep space nine in "star trek" from having another character using a scan of her to create holographic porn, despite us nowhere near developing holographic technology.

A decent system of law is a thing made by humans but is unable to be manipulated by the humans to be judged. People who are great manipulators will be judged the same as people who happen to be shitty actors.

The law is also in constant development so some people's perception of dusty old tomes with no relevance to today's problems annoys me.

If you see someone be judged unfairly because they somehow ran afoul of the law in some way that you find to be total crap that should be addressed.

Change those particular law. Not retroactively to get that one person out from under it but rather to prevent the law from things that the majority of your population doesn't want.

If you see someone doing things that aren't "the right thing" that should be addressed as well. Change the law to prevent such things in the future for everyone who'd do as that someone did. Not retro actively. If you want to do something against that someone who isn't doing "the right thing" you must stay within the bounds of the law.

Now there are some lawful exceptions to do things that would otherwise be unlawful but need to be done for the common interest. You can't be punished by most systems of law for a violation of a law if that violation was the mildest possible solution to prevent a greater violation of a law or to defend yourself or others.

That's a ground rule used for a great many exceptions. From self defense to the groundwork of all spy novels…

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You can't punch someone's lights out. But if knocking someone out was the only method to prevent murder it's a-ok. On a greater scale, blowing up a warehouse in another country is generally frowned upon. But if you do that to paralyze operations of any entity preparing to overthrow a government or in any way violate the law on a very large scale it's perfectly alright to have violated that foreign country's Sovereignty and blowing up shit.

But i feel like people are perfectly alright with making more exceptions to the laws then there are laws.

Particularly in scifi we should have some sort of super developed super law that has some exceptions but doesn't need to have people violate the law in order to "do the right thing". And then have stories bend over backwards to have it so that the person who is doing "the right thing" is "right" in the end and all of those people who stubbornly sit on their old law books are just dumb old bureaucrats.

Allow me to get back to star trek. Here we have a supposedly good future but it really terrifies me. If whatever hero didn't happen to be around during some happenings everyone would be dead. By mere adherence to some code of law that the romans would think it's stupid, so they wrote some new ones. Eventually, emperor justinian of byzanthium and his wife, theodora wrote what was worth keeping from the old romans into a code of law that is still the ground works of most our laws today and it seems centuries ahead of what star trek touts most of the time.

There where some really good episodes in Trek that busy themselves with the law. "Drumhead" really comes to mind. But i'd like to see stories that make events like in "Drumhead" impossible.

Particularly in visions of nice futures for humanity i'd like to see a competent government that would enact and enforce an elegantly crafted system of laws that contain laws which prevent the system of law from becoming a dogma. Like enforced exceptions possibly.

German soldiers can choose to not follow an order with which they are in ethical conflict. When you follow an order of which you know it will be seen in a rather negative light, by yourself possibly you may chose to not follow that order. "I was just following orders!" has been used as an excuse for many atrocities. So we took that excuse away.

If you are ordered to burn down a village or something you might tell people that you where just following orders. And you might tell yourself that all day but you where the one that pushed the button or pulled the trigger or whatever.

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And you will be punished if you did follow orders that where legitimately ethically wrong by accounts of the german constitution. Which grants rights to every single human and calls for every german to uphold those rights for every human.

You might never been to germany but if you are a human anywhere, you technically have rights granted by the german constitution.

But since our government in Bratwurstland at times can display something that approaches competence there are exceptions to that, so we won't be barging into everyone's business to push our ethics onto everyone. Can't violate the sovereignty of another nation. Whenever we tried that our Neighbors got very cross with us for some reason…

We've been writing the books of law for millenia now and i'd like to see writings where we've made some tangible progress in that. A Society that doesn't need heros to violate the law to do the right thing or even find "loopholes".

Would be nice if a positive vision of the future would be mostly positive even if the protagonist of the story hadn't been around. Protagonist might still deal with big threats but if they where to fail, their government should be competent enough to at least ensure survival of their species.

"If Captain superultrahero where to fail, we'd have to enact protocol X!". Or so some character might say and it'd be nice to have that be something that isn't some horrifying suicide thing.

In a good future story a protagonist might be a "boost" one could say. Someone who achieves a thing that is god and does so much faster or better then the normal progress would've done. But i'd like to see some story where that normal progress is something that is ensured by people in charge who display basic competence…

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