Hello, this is my first post here on Reddit. And sorry for bad english, I'm Italo-German 🙂

Months ago I read a paper about a scientific theory let's say, for the purpose of this thread, about the origin of life on Earth. Or an alternative cause for the dinosaurs extinction. Anyway: a theory.

And I thought it was a great idea for a science fiction story. So I conducted further research on the theory and I found other papers and two non-fiction tomes by a major publisher.

Here's my doubt: let's say that I finish and publish my story. Can the scientific theory author(s) 'sue me'/get angry because "Hey, you wrote a story using my 'ideas'! / using concepts contained in my papers/books!"?

Obviously I'm not copy-pasting anything from that sources: I'll take the scientific theory/concepts only. And, sure, I'd write to the authors to make them understand what I'm doing. And I'd mention them in the credits and blahbity-blahbity-blue.

Notes: some papers have Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license but the main inspiration source is one of the 100$ very serious publication I mentioned.

Source: reddit post

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