Argentina at the time was a regional power backed by the US, It was a military regime set up in part by the US to cleanse the rest of South America of communist influence. After the Dirty War inside the country was over, Videla and Galtieri (and Chile’s Pinochet) assisted US backed right ring wing militias in both overthrowing left-leaning governments and finding/killing suspected communists all over S America. So in a way, Argentina (& Chile) sort of ran shit down there and pretty much controlled the entire continent. If Argentina was acting like an empire, well that’s because the US essentially made Argentina into a regional “empire” and got them to think that way.

In all likelihood, a British victory would be the end of the military regime, and a likely end for Argentine support of anti-communist terrorist militias across the continent. I’m surprised Britain showed up the USA and the CIA by going to war with Galtieri, although I am aware that the US dropped support for Galtieri when he invaded the Falklands. I thought the Brits would basically look at the Americans with dismay saying “this loss is on YOU” but not actually do anything about it.

The Cold War was still raging at this time so I figured the CIA would have wanted to keep Galtieri in power at any cost. And I figured as a partner of the CIA, MI-6 would have told Thatcher “look Galtieri is a nut job, our diplomats won’t recognize the annexation but we need him in power while the Cold War continues, so no invasions” and stopped Thatcher’s invasion full stop.

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Could MI-6 have stepped in and said “hey, we know this is our territory but the CIA wants to keep Galtieri’s people happy, so we just have to let them have this one.”? I know it would have been unacceptable politically for Thatcher but MI-6 and the CIA don’t exist to help or hurt certain politicians

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