I have this character who I have metion before however I have been changing things up.

In any other story he would be a full villian except I am flipping it on top of it's head and making him my MC. It's like you have Darth Vader as your MC instead of Luke for example.

He has everything a prince who's heir to the King of all the Elves. He is loved, he has many lovers/admires both male and female. It's not until he grows older (in elf years) and the death of his father who's a legend to his people (nearly living for what feels like a millennia). That's when things go down hill but he takes it with stride. When he leaves for the outside world of his island-continent, he starts to grow impatient and return only to see his home was not what it once was.

To make matters worse for him, his fiance of old dies from an incurable disease which pushes him off the deep end. Hos mother adds fuel to the fire by telling him to reclaim the throne he gave up for his dead fiance which leads him to become Darth Vader/Malekith.

Then he leads a second schism of the Elven race which leads him to the frozen north where he now rules. The story begins a few decades after the schism with my MC preparing for war with the High Elves and any Dark Elves that get in the way.

So, is he a good character? Is it so crazy that having a villian be in the role of protagonist? Or need more context which I am happy to provide?

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