Okay, so the first novel I ever completed was complete garbage. It was rambling mess of loosely connected thoughts with no real structure or goal.

I’ve learned so much more about the craft since then.

I still love the setting of that first attempt though. And I want to reuse it.

I often think of rewriting that book now that I’ve got more knowledge and experience, but I have two competing ideas for the plot that both use the same basic setting.

It’s basically a change in the setup and characterizations from one to the other, while keeping the same setting and other details in tact.

I genuinely don’t know which idea I like better.

I’m tempted to try to write both of them.

I know you can’t plagiarize yourself… but if an author published two books that clearly come from the same idea how hack-y would that be?

I think it’s an interesting idea in itself, just to demonstrate the sheer variety of possibilities. Like when a musician performs a version of a song completely different from its original.

I was just wondering if anyone else has ever thought along these lines, or even tried this experiment. I want to hear everyone’s thoughts.

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