I have a question for you writers. So, I took a few years off after graduating high school because of a multitude of things. But my plan was always to go to college. I went to a community college and worked on my Gen Eds, and recently enrolled at a 4 year college for Creative Writing (my interest is in fiction writing). But, I've been feeling kind of bummed about it lately. I don't feel like I'm actually learning/benefiting much from my classes. I already work the job that I want to other than writing (I do accounting). My job has told me multiple times that they would take me on full time when I was done with school or if I decided to quit school. Which has been something floating around in my head, especially lately. But I'm afraid I might regret it. But that could also be the "You have to go to college to be successful" kool-aid my high school served everyone.

So, long story short: Opinions? Pros/cons to Creative Writing degree for fiction writing? General advice?


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