Sup Reddit. I write comedic fantasy and am looking for beta readers for an 11,000 word short story I wrote. Any type of feedback is welcome, no line-by-line edits necessary. I do best with bullet points of what you like and don't like. And if you put it down at any point, please let me know where I lost you!

The story is about Crux Skullcrusher, Priya the Bard, and Gorlach Eaglefist, who find a sword (which is definitely evil) and try to sell it to buy food.

Opening paragraph:

Crux Skullcrusher and his companions, Priya the Bard and Gorlach Eaglefist, stood at the ready deep in the hideout of Tyberion the Hoarder. The inner sanctum was said to hold Tyberion’s Hoard, a pile of treasures which the infamous bandit had gathered over a lifelong career of thievery. It was not to be confused with Tyberion’s Horde, the rag-tag group of bandits who helped Tyberion acquire the previously mentioned Hoard; though, if one were to guess, the sanctum could contain both.

(edit: just realized I sent a link to the privileged copy with some identifying information in it – please comment for a link to the de-identified copy!)

edit 2 (new link):

Original link

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