In my book series, the main villain is an evil mutant named Tate. What I need to know is if this villain I came up with is a good idea. Since this is going to be a VERY long post, let's start with a short list of some of his atrocities:

-Wiped out all civilization on a planet after he got mad about them refusing to give him a Shadow Artifact

-Kidnaps babies predicted to have magical talent from their parents and raises them to be cold-blooded killers

-Turned an entire family against itself so he could raise their daughter as his right-hand woman. Spoiler alert: she eventually turns against him and even years after Tate's defeat, she still has flashbacks…

-Nearly wiped out all civilization on another planet simply because it was in the way of a magic ritual that would give him more power

-Literally travels to Hell to recruit demons for his army because he's too lazy to bring his main force over to a planet he was trying to invade

-Has a tribute system on the main planet he owns where all of the tribes under his control have to provide him with an annual tribute of 1/4 of their total agricultural output, 1/4 of their natural resources, 1/4 of its male population as soldiers and work slaves, and 1/4 of its female population as…(I'm not going to say it on here).

-Literally sees himself as deserving of power greater than that of the Gods and will do anything if it makes him closer to ruling the entire galaxy himself

-Had an honorable duel with Zeus…until he AGREES to let Zeus take a short break from the fighting and immediately backstabs him when the break starts

-Has no problem awakening extremely dangerous primordial beings such as Jörmungandr if they get him closer to his ultimate goal

-Attempted to hunt the Thunderbird to extinction just to get one up on the tribes he conquered

-Literally ate babies at a banquet to get his henchmen to accept that he simply has no morals and neither should they

-Is as much of a danger to himself as he is to others, being a massive heroin addict and having a secret death wish (his nihilistic ultimate goal of galactic domination only exists to mask his extreme self-hatred he has deep down)

-Kills his own men when he gets bored

-Funds what is essentially the Space Mafia just to screw with enemy supply lines

-Keeps the souls of several dead people trapped in a box for all eternity, forcing them to teach him a ritual they themselves were tasked with guarding in death

-Dupes the peasants of the galaxy into accepting his half-assed brand of what is essentially space Communism so he can gather magical artifacts in peace

-Sends his own "trusted" lieutenants on suicide missions when they get too strong for his liking

-Whenever a tribe on his home planet rebels, the rebellion is swiftly crushed, all of their villages are burned to the ground, a fort is built on the ruins, and all of the able-bodied men and women are sold into slavery

-Adding to the point above, he allows the galactic slave trade to basically do whatever it wants since the criminals he hires to mess with enemy supply lines like it

-Literally kidnaps (Godnaps?) the Gods for a hot minute

-Used a Shadow Artifact to magically transform the protagonist into an evil dragon for 10 years to get him out of his hair

-Is the embodiment of the "Magnificent Bastard" trope after his Awal Kabab gambit

-Political dissidents on more developed planets were rounded up by secret police and thrown into escape pods that were launched into the planets' suns. The friends and families of the victims were told their loved ones were being "reeducated".

Now for the long part, his backstory:

Tate's parents were humans from the technologically advanced planet of Ishgabangaloodoo, the only industrialized planet in a galaxy full of stone age-through-early-gunpowder-age planets that still relied on Astral Magic for most things. As a result of a nuclear accident on Ishgabangaloodoo, Tate's parents were both born with a mutation that gave them both abilities in Astral Magic that rivaled the Gods themselves and the ability to transform into 2 progressively stronger forms. The Ishga King was terrified of Tate's parents upon learning of their mutation, having the Ishga police kidnap them in their sleep and load them into spaceships bound for the backwater planet of Nayavu on the western edge of the galaxy.

Tate's mother was pregnant at the time, and barely a month into their time on Navayu, she gave birth to Tate, who inherited all of his parents' mutations. Navayu was not home to anything the Ishgas would conside technologically advanced, instead being home to dozens of stone-age tribes. Tate's parents, having worked as weapons mechanics on Ishgabangaloodoo, wowed Navayu's natives with their technology, and managed to build an army of natives supplied with Ishga-style weapons and technology they told the natives how to assemble with the planet's natural resources.

This army easily conquered all of the tribes on the planet except for the stubborn Gatinoles in the southern swamps by the time Tate was two years old. After an invasion of the southern swamps failed, Tate's parents decided to make peace with the Gatioles, leaving them Navayu's sole unconquered tribe. Since the Gatinoles lived in a tropical swamp, Tate's parents built a vacation home in their territory after Tate's parents' domain (Called the United Navayu Kingdom) and the Gatinole Tribe became friends. Here, Tate became friends with a Gatinole boy named Micanopy. When Tate was around 11 years old, Micanopy's parents decided to invite Tate and his parents to their house after earning their trust. However, little did Tate and his parents know that Micanopy's parents were part of a segment of the Gatinole population that accused Tate's parents of ruling the planet tyrannically (mostly because they were foreigners), though they were not really tyrannical. At Micanopy's house, when Tate got up from the dinner table to use the bathroom, Micanopy's parents detonated a gunpowder barrel under the dinner table, killing Tate's parents, themselves, and Micanopy. Tate himself was left blind in his left eye from a piece of shrapnel.

The distraught Tate returned to his parents' vacation home, where his soldiers brought him back to the capital for his coronation. Tate, who was never taught any kind of humility, made his first action naming the planet Caput Tatiium, after himself. As an act of vengeance, Tate's 2nd action was to personally lead a massive invasion force south, which finally managed to do what his parents could not: unify Caput Tatiium under his rule. Since the only people Tate really knew as a child (since his parents never really let him wander the land outside the palace or their vacation home) were his parents and Micanopy, and they had just been killed by basically the only other 2 people he had any extended interaction with, Tate developed into an extremely paranoid nihilist, thinking the entire galaxy was out to get him and using hatred of the state of the galaxy as a coping mechanism.

Since Tate’s parents thought themselves essentially invincible, they had no plan in place for Tate in case of their death. As a result, Tate ascended the throne at age 11, naming the planet Caput Tatiium. After hearing rumors that some of Caput Tatiium’s other tribes were conspiring against him, Tate began demanding vast quantities of tribute from each tribe in order to keep them in line. 1/4 of each tribe’s annual income, natural resources, and their top 10 most attractive virgin women (retch) were to be sent to his palace every year, no questions asked. Any tribe that did not comply would be “met with extreme force”. All of the tribes complied, except for the seafaring Hawkaida. In order to show his tribes that he meant business, Tate sent his army into Hawkaida land, burnt down their capital and almost all of their major cities, enslaved most of the populace, took his tribute by force, and built a new fort on the site of the old Hawkaida capital to keep watch over the area.

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Now that all of the tribes were scared shitless and knew that Tate was NOT fucking around, Tate proceeded to grow up as a teenage king of an entire planet with no parental figures in his life. As an obvious result, Tate abused his power as stated above, and wasted his planet’s resources on his own personal vices. 100% drunk with power at this point, he began to develop a God complex and began to view everything as his own personal plaything.

Since Tate had unprecedented magical ability but had only learned rudimentary Astral Magic skills from his parents, he began to travel the galaxy, going to various planets to master it.

What Tate saw during his travels was a galaxy devastated by a massive pandemic, spread by the ignorance of the people living on planets other than Ishgabangaloodoo (the Ishgas had a way of curing the disease, but were too greedy to share it with anybody else). Tate himself caught the plague, but he somehow survived. Tate, as a result, spread his nihilistic view of Caput Tatiium to the entire galaxy, viewing most of it as an undeveloped cesspool of superstition and ignorance in need of modernization, and Ishgabangaloodoo as the dictionary definition of greed and dysfunction.

When he returned to Caput Tatiium, he found that his army had revolted in his absence and put one of his generals on the throne. Tate took out his rage by transforming into his 2nd form and using Astral Magic to kill nearly 80,000 of his own men before his army returned to serving him out of fear of his new abilities. From this point forward, Tate would kill all of the men who dared resist him, fail to show him proper respect, or even fail missions too many times.

One time when Tate was traveling the lands he ruled, he stumbled upon a secret ceremony being done by a group of shamans from the Bisoux Tribe. They were partaking in a Shadow Magic ritual. Shadow Magic is an ancient form of magic, the opposite of Astral Magic, and extremely dangerous and difficult to control. Not only can it counteract Astral Magic, but it can rewrite reality itself, essentially being the “source code” of sorts that the Gods used to create the galaxy. In fact, if somebody uses Shadow Magic without first using one of several Shadow Artifacts scattered throughout the galaxy, it will rewrite their personality and turn the evil good and the good evil. This gave Tate the idea to somehow master Shadow Magic and use it to destroy the old, flawed galaxy that he grew up in and create a new, perfect galaxy with him as its God.

When Tate asked these shamans how they learned to control their Shadow Magic without it rewriting their personalities or using an artifact, they said that the Black Sun Priestesses on the planet Aztlan trained them. However, the order of Black Sun Priestesses is closed to those in positions of power and would die before giving him their secrets. This still intrigued Tate, however, who developed an interest in Aztlan.

Tate visited the planet, and while there he learned of two shadow artifacts: one was located on Aztlan, but it was so old that its name and location were supposedly lost to history. However, the other artifact, the Eye of Horus, was an heirloom in the possession of the Royal Family of the planet Eaglypt. Tate also learned that Eaglypt had an order of priests called the Anubians who dabbled in Shadow Magic, much like the Black Sun Priestesses on Aztlan. However, these priests were evil through and through, having sacrificed their good morals to learn Shadow Magic. Since Shadow Magic also made the strong-willed gullible, Tate had an easy time manipulating these people to join him in his plan to rewrite the galaxy. Once Tate returned to Caput Tatiium from Eaglypt, the Anubians contacted him, telling him they found him a new recruit: Lord Etbo.

Lord Etbo was an Eaglyptian whose parents had abused him. He had lived in the countryside, isolated from other people, so similar feelings of nihilism were festering in Etbo. When the Anubians told him about Tate’s plan to rewrite the flawed old galaxy into something much better, Etbo pledged himself to Tate’s allegiance immediately without even knowing him. Tate instructed the Anubians to instruct Etbo to earn the trust of the Eaglyptian royal family. Tate finally had a plan to seize his first Shadow Artifact.

Once Etbo had earned the trust of the Eaglyptian royal family by becoming the hairdresser and close friend of Prince Taftenkhamun (the heir to Eaglypt’s throne). Once he had access to the Eaglyptian Throne Room (the Eaglyptian Pharaohs had been hoarding technology imported from Ishgabangaloodoo), Etbo began using the transmitter to talk to Tate directly. He informed Tate that the plague, which had by then recently disappeared, had severely weakened Eaglypt’s army and civilization in general.

Seizing this golden opportunity, Tate invaded Eaglypt with his massive army, defeated the weakened Eaglyptian force, and demanded that Pharaoh Akhet-Ra hand over the Eye of Horus. With no other options, Akhet-Ra met with his traitorous priests. After giving the gullible priests a stirring speech to win them back over to his side, they employed a Shadow Magic ritual to open a portal to The Duat (part of the Nether Realm that is below the Plane of Existence and under the control of The Gods, meaning that anyone who crossed through the portal would die). They threw the Eye of Horus into the portal, leaving it under the stewardship of The Gods and sealed it. When Tate heard of this, he was so enrage that he transformed into his strongest state and used Astral Magic to summon a colossal sandstorm that choked up the Bahariyah Oasis, the one viable source on the desert planet of Eaglypt. As a result, the entire population of Eaglypt starved to death within a few months, except Etbo (who escaped with Tate) and Taftnkhamun (who was sent off-planet in the one royal escape pod by his father after the oasis choked up). Tate had committed his first genocide. Even the Anubians had not been allowed to escape the cataclysm, since they betrayed Tate and hid the Eye of Horus in The Duat.

Absolutely livid about not being able to master Shadow Magic, Tate decided on plan b: taking over the galaxy and ruling it himself, and he would just have to work to eliminate its imperfections. He began to set up a massive sphere of influence over the western half of the galaxy. While he conquered many planets for the purpose of “enlightening” and “modernizing” them, he was still focused on one thing: that other Shadow Artifact that was located on Aztlan. He also began searching the galaxy for gifted people to persuade to join his cause and serve as his elite henchmen. He called this entire organization he was running “The Cabal”.

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On a trip to the planet Ryu 108, Tate heard rumors that the 2-year-old heir to the throne (Prince Lane of the North) was unprecedentedly gifted in Astral Magic. Intrigued, Tate kidnapped Prince Lane and took him back to Caput Tatiium, where he raised him as his own son and trained him in Astral Magic, indoctrinating him in his own beliefs.

However, everything changed when Tate heard rumors of an ancient text on the planet Rinascita that may hold the location of Aztlan’s Shadow Artifact. He sent an army to the planet, among which was the seemingly insignificant recruit from Olympia named Marcus Antonius. During the mission, the Tatians managed to secure this ancient text, but failed to conquer the planet. Marcus Antonius was killed in the fighting, devastating his family. Antonius’s family sent Beth, their oldest remaining child, to join the Cabal to avenge her brother. Beth crash-landed on Eaglypt, where she lived among the empty ruins for a year or so. While there, Beth used ancient scrolls to master Astral Magic, and absorbed 2 minor Shadow Artifacts whose existence Tate did not know of: the Crook and the Flail. Since she absorbed 2 Shadow Artifacts at the same time, she had the unique ability to revive up to 3 dead people once in her lifetime provided they died within the last year. However, she was only able to master the powers of Shadow Death and Shadow Fire since she only absorbed minor artifacts. Using synthetic fuel she made from materials found on Eaglypt, Beth eventually refuel her ship and went to Caput Tatiium, where she passed Tate’s Cabal Initiation Test with flying colors and was inducted.

Also around this time, Tate had demanded extra soldiers as tribute from the tribes on Caput Tatiium since his defeat on Rinascita had resulted in a manpower crisis. One of those who the Hawkaida Tribe had sent, named Lord Ombra, was only a 5-year-old, but he showed magical talent and broke records in Tate’s Cabal Initiation Test. Impressed, Tate recruited him as well.

A few years later, The Cabal was extremely short on money. However, Tate had found the perfect solution while visiting Ishgabangaloodoo. He had been arrested for disorderly conduct and appeared in court, but did not know how to behave there and was thrown in jail for contempt of court. While in jail, he had a cellmate named Sir Will of Cole, a smuggler from the Axaca star system. While Will’s magical abilities were nothing to write home about, he possessed extremely strong charisma and a connection to a huge source of money that Tate could tap into and use: The Black Market.

The Black Market is a secret hideout located in the middle of the desert on the planet Awal Kabab, and is where the galaxy’s best criminals meet and sell their illegal wares for high prices. Will also possessed a spaceship modified with illegal modifications that made it one of the fastest ships in the galaxy, along with a cloaking device. Will shared Tate’s hatred for the Ishga Government (they kept throwing him in jail for being a drug lord) and Tate took advantage of this to recruit him into The Cabal. Together, they busted out of Ishga jail and returned to Caput Tatiium.

At this same time, Tate journeyed to Vigam, where he found a fellow plague survivor named Rhys (though he was involved in Vigamian Wrestling Entertainment, so he went by his wrestling name Inquisitor Rhys). Rhys, like Tate possessed a mutation. However, Rhys’s mutation gave him a near impermeable exoskeleton and a lethal sting. Tate promised to Rhys that if he joined The Cabal, he could help him create a plague-free galaxy, and Rhys happily agreed, and was immediately inducted into The Cabal. Upon arrival in The Cabal, Rhys immediately befriended Lord Etbo and Sir Will of Cole.

No less than a month later did one of the most important events in galactic history begin. Jermie, a man from Planet Squid, had learned Shadow Magic without an artifact, causing him to go from an introverted, good-natured teen to a hyper-charismatic sociopath with plans to rule Planet Squid as his own. Since Planet Squid was much more important than any of the other planets that Tate had devastated, this caught immediate international attention. Jermie nearly conquered Planet Squid, and Tate had sent thousands of his own troops to support Jermie, but a group of mercenaries, led by King Arturius of Arturia and his Knights of The Square Table, had defeated Jermie and imprisoned him deep in the jungle. The key to his cell (dubbed the Key to the Jungle) was given to Weasel, a Knight of the Square Table who was destined to become King of the planet Aurea, Man of Light and Shadow, and Tate’s worst nightmare.

However, the events on Planet Squid were not a complete loss for Tate, as it provided him with 2 powerful new recruits (Elliot and Lord Whelan). Lord Whelan befriended Rhys, Ombra, Etbo, and Will of Cole, who soon founded their own Tatian-sympathizing crime syndicate at the Black Market called UniSyn that would bring in trillions of Galactic Credits to The Cabal.

Weasel took the key to Aurea, where his ship broke down and the planet was too technologically primitive to repair it, so he resigned to staying the rest of his life there. While there, Weasel befriended the planet’s aging, heirless king and got him to adopt him. When this heirless king died, Weasel became King of Aurea. Upon hearing of this, Tate set his final plan into motion: he was going to send Inquisitor Rhys to Aurea to secure the Key to the Jungle, while Beth (now named Santa Muerte after being stationed on Aztlan for a few years to gather intel) would steal Aztlan’s Shadow Artifact. They would ten travel to Planet Squid, use the Key to the Jungle to bust Jermie out of prison, get Jermie to teach Tate Shadow Magic using the artifact, and then travel to Ryu 108, where they would overthrow the current monarch, put Prince Lane on the throne, and use the loyal planet as a space for Tate to master Shadow Magic unhindered.

Now that you’ve read through this gargantuan mess, is this a good setup for a villain? If so, what direction should I take the villain and his narrative in the book?

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