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As the title states, I've put together an outline for the Lore and World building for a novel I'm working on. Its pretty rough and off the cuff, but any feedback would be appreciated! Did you find it interesting or compelling enough to build a world around? Are there holes in this story or concepts I should cover/ clarify?

In the beginning, the world was discovered by a entity known as the “First One”. A flat world, hidden in darkness. A powerful diety, The First one embodied a pure source of light and was the catalyst for the growth of all living things in the universe. She shon her light onto this world and saw a large land mass floating in the center of a vast sea. She smiled, realizing the potential for life, and took on the form of two suns, which would illuminated the world that would become known as Pangatha.

The First One, although able to create, could not manage all the life on it’s own, so she gave birth to 3 children. A daughter and two sons. They were tasked with the following:

Aquos – Water and Moon

Geon – Land

Farisee – Air

Each of these had a physical form, creatures that lived in the world alongside the life they were creating.

Together these 3 children governed over the world, working in harmony to create an environment to sustain life. The First One granted them each life to bond with. Aquos all the sea-life, Farisee all of the creatures of the air, and Geon all of the animals on land. From this life each diety sustains its power, and their power in turn helps sustain life.

Life on Pangatha flourished, and as a reward, The First One decided to grant her three children a gift: Humans. These creatures would be compatible to bond with all three dieties. ( Although only one at a time)

Aquos grew jealous of this gift. Humans were air-breathing, land dwelling creatures, and felt that even though they would partake of her waters, they would not bond with her as they would with Geon and Farisee.

One night, away from the Sunlit eyes of the First one, Aquos left her watery sanctuary and seduced Geon. A 4th diety – Tidalis – was born of this incestuous relationship. Aquos (now Mother Aquos) hid her newborn in the night sky, on the face of the moon.

Tidalis was granted control of the currents and the tides, working from afar. Aquos, no longer hampered by these duties, would emerge at night to secretly influence humankind to bond with her.

Tidalis began to resent his station. He was of the water and the earth and yearned to bond with life as his mother and father did, and could only watch from above as his gluttonous mother grew in power. Tidalis devised his own plan. During the full moon, he used his influence to whisper into the ears of man, corrupting them with thoughts of power and wealth. He instructed them to build a tower, one so great and tall that he could climb down from the heavens and walk among them. Although he had no bonds, Tidalis was a spawn of both the earth and the sea, and his power was great.

Upon seeing the humans in creation of this tower, the First One became suspicious. She asked Geon what he knew of this. Geon, ashamed of his affair with Aquos, was silent. She asked Aquos. Aquos, not willing to admit her deceit, was also silent. Finally, he asked Farisee, who revealed the deception of his siblings.

The First One became enraged, striking down the tower with a righteous fury. This was the first of many punishments. They were as follows

Humans – The waters will be filled with salt, rendering them undrinkable. Now having to rely on the clouds for rainwater, Humankind will never be self sufficient.

Geon – This cataclysmic blow will shatter the lands, spitting them into many pieces and scattering them among the waters, never to be whole again.

Tidalis – The unholy spawn was ripped from its place on the moon and chained to the bottom of the sea, so deep as to be forever removed from any type of life.

Aquos – A vortex will be created in the middle of the Sea where the first one struck, the waters in constant motion. The magnitude of this effort so great that it all but enslaves Aquos to the task.

This effort exhausted the first one. She abandoned Pangatha, removing her influence from the world, leaving only the suns behind.

Geon, full of shame, hid himself deep in a cave. Aquos became slave to her duties. Tidalis was imprisoned. Only Farisee remained unscathed, the winged creature still sometimes seen in the distant skies, his clouds providing rainwater for the remainder of Humankind.

Centuries past. Tidalis, endures his banishment at the bottom of the sea. One day, he finds a fissure in the ground, a remnant of The First Ones strike that split the world, and begins to dig. He smiles wickedly as he breaks through to the earth, creating a dark hole into the unknown. As the water levels slowly began to drop, life inching towards him, Tidalis plots his revenge.

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