I’m writing a YA romance, and the story starts off with the MC having a crush on one of her older brother’s friends, obviously he doesn’t feel the same way back though because he’s 20 and she’s sixteen and she develops feelings along the way for her best friend and that’s where the real romance is!

So then, I have questions!

  1. I want to make it clear that the crush she has on the older boy is NOT reciprocated and it would not be at all appropriate for him to have feelings back but I’m unsure how to go about it. It also so happens that he’s gay but I want to make it very clear that his feelings aren’t returned not because he’s gay (she is unaware he’s gay for most of the book) but because she’s a kid, and I don’t want to handle it poorly, it’s just meant to be a little lighthearted crush that her friend is jealous of which makes his feelings for her come to light, but I would hate for this to be offensive or misconstrued in any way! It was simply a way of not introducing a love triangle because the audience would know he would never have feelings back but also having some fun, light hearted jealousy that was just meant to be funny. It’s just meant to be a silly, funny little plot and I don’t want it to have dark themes or anything but want the audience to be reminded that this is just very much a silly, one-sided crush so that is clear! Any tips on this?

  2. I want to portray a one sided crush in a funny and realistic way with all the pining and frustration of being a teenager in love with someone you have NO CHANCE IN HELL with lol! Any advice on making it funny yet realistic?

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Thanks guys for any advice!

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