I'm not critiquing pantsing. I know it works really well for many people, including successful authors. But how tho lol

I tend to do quite a bit of outlining before I write, and I have no idea how it's possible for people to largely make things up on the fly and make it work. To me it's like magic, it's like watching someone ride a unicycle uphill. Like, that shouldn't be a thing. But it works. But it shouldn't.

When pantsing, wouldn't it be really hard to maintain proper pacing and timing for story beats? And if you don't know what the eventual narrative/emotion payoffs of the story will be, how would you go about building up the reader's investment? Is it challenging to avoid plot holes and inconsistencies, and do you go back to edit earlier parts of the story if you want to add foreshadowing of a new development you just came up with? As for character development and character arcs, are those premeditated at least? Because I can't begin to imagine how pantsing a character arc would work lol

Thanks for the insight into ya'll inscrutable, fascinating minds

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