Dear, creative people


For those of you who work in your field of creative choice: Artist, music-makers, writers, designers, video-makers and all the other less traditional means of employment. How do you fully focus on your passion without getting distracted by less productive things. To be less formal, what stops you from watching The Office for 12 hours and spending the other 12 hours sleeping and eating. Am I in need of help ? Is this a common problem for other people, it doesn't have to be The Office. how does your drive to create surpass the ease in not creating. simply put what motivates you to do what is hard and what keeps you from taking the easy path? I'm starting to move into self loathing territory and I prefer not to become unhealthy mentally as now is far from a good time for me personally. Even now at 3:30 am Friday morning during my spring break, I am dealing with my desire to do something and the comfort of doing nothing.

this is my first "important" Reddit post and if you have a suggestion for where to post this, or people who have similar queries, or ideally an answer to my problem. I'd love to hear it. However, also feel free to tear me a new one, as I'm sure that this post is at the best rife with grammatical errors and at worst stereotypical and a waste of time.

In all sincerity,

A fan of the Internet and its residents.

Oh, feel free to put this in any subreddit where you'd like it. I don't want credit I want a solution.

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