So, I'm writing an short story of an important grade for my creative writing class. The story takes place about five thousand years prior to my story, so it's mainly a backdrop for the book series that I'm writing. The main premise is this: Empress Ilsania I died after a reign of 18 years, leaving behind three children: Prince Mosiar, Princess Saliasa, and Princess Nasyia. However, their father was not a full-blooded Ashayrayian (the Dynasty's name) and many lords and ladies detested Empress Ilsania's husband for he often granted lavish rewards onto his own family, House Valasan; and such, wanted him out of the Imperial Court. So it was decided that a council would be held in Sadaran, an ancient stronghold of a deceased noble family, where it would be decided if the throne should pass to Empress Ilsania's descendants or her deceased uncle's, Prince Esmarias. The Council, out of fear of having Lord Heris Valasan holding the throne for decades longer, choose Prince Esmiar III the Chosen of House Ashayrayian, Prince Esmarias' eldest son by his sister-wife.

For a while, Mosiar was content with the castle and lands his cousin granted him. But after taking a second wife, a foreigner named Lady Dayrea, Prince Mosiar revolted against his cousin in hopes of taking the throne which he considered his own in 1362, a decade after Esmiar took the throne. Emperor Esmiar was not a military man, so he left most of the descions of the army to his sons, Prince Asmarian and Prince Esmarian.

Now, here is where the problem comes to: Asmarian marries a second cousin named Valenora Elynor. Now, at this part, I'm in Asmarian's pov, so he would think of his wife in more sensual thoughts. Here is who he – technically, I – described her:

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"At his side, his wife, Lady Valenora Elynor of Arborhold, stood elegantly clothed in a dress the colors of dancing sea blue-green waves. Her long honey-brown hair fell in soft waves well passed her waist, curling at the tips. Her large doe-shaped silver-blue eyes were framed with lashes of dark brown. She was average-sized and small-breasted, but there was a sweetness that surrounded her."

The problem is that my teacher stated that describing her as "small-breasted" was a "fantasy genre cliche that needs to die…" I was wondering if I should keep it, since these are Asmarian's thoughts on his own wife, but I don't want my teacher to be annoyed with me. My writing was heavily influenced by George R.R Martin's, and I found that describing Valenora as "small-breasted" was straight and factual without beating around the bush. (And not offending anyone)

So, my question is: Should I keep it, or should I get ride of it; and if so, what should I change it to?

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