Hello, everyone, I know this is in the area of game story writing, but it is about the narrative of Destiny 2.

For those unfamiliar to destiny 2 – The main story revolves around the Traveler, a giver of "The Light" (who looks like a spherical grey space ship) which grants superpowers, and immortality to those blessed with it.

These people, and you as the player, are called "Guardians".

The Traveler is currently inert above earth, having sacrificed itself in fighting "The Darkness", whatever that is. The Traveler also created "Ghosts"- small robots who chose a person, and are bonded to them forever. The ghosts can still die, and you then can be killed for good, though.

You (in the original destiny- to the best of my knowledge) act as a guardian defending humanity from forces of the darkness- The Hive, The Cabal, The Vex, The Fallen, and later, The Taken.

The Hive- Powerful Space Zombies from another dimension who worship death. They're actually scary.

The Cabal- War- Obsessed Roman Space Rhinos. Main antagonist of Destiny 2.

The Vex- Time-Traveling Reality-warping hive mind of robots who want to convert the universe into their image. They have succeeded in 2 planets in Destiny 2. (I still don't know why they aren't more of a threat.)

The Fallen- Scavenging Space Pirates who worship technology- Usually the first enemy type found.

The Taken- A hive lord named Oryx, the Taken King (Destiny 1 DLC) has "Stolen the souls" of every enemy type to build a mutated army. They take a void of space/color negative palette, as they were "stolen from their own dimension". I just think it's re-mixing assets, but the enemy abilities are changed somewhat.

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Continuing on- Destiny 2's Story revolves around the last human city, called "The City", directly underneath The Traveler being stormed by a group of Cabal- the Red Legion. They also seal the Traveler, and everyone loses their light. Scary. The leaders of the City run off to collect themselves, but you manage to regain your light.

The Red Legion wanted to infuse themselves with the light, and succeed. Well, their leader, Dominus Ghaul does. However, you just shoot Ghaul, and then the main plot is complete. Kind of underwhelming.

To anyone who has played Destiny 2, and finished the base game campaign- I believe the build-up was good, but the final boss really stank.


But my main question is this: How could have it been? How can we write a shooter that is both fun, and have a reason as to why you are hunting down these sentient creatures? How could these enemies grow beyond their programming and make things truly interesting?

This was attempted without much success with The Fallen- some missions have your ghost remarking "there's more to them than we thought"- but it's a bit too little too late.

It is interesting that in Destiny's (original) "House of Wolves" DLC, the royal family of The Reef have the Fallen House of Wolves serving them.

But it is a shooter- should we need fancy stories accompanying them?

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