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The plot of my book (in short) is as follows : In the far future, 50 teens land on an unknown planet. At first, most see lots of opportunity, a ‘happy party’ situation occurs. Later, problems arise: it becomes clear it’s impossible to keep everybody happy, there are opposing interests, and leadership is needed because things are getting out of hand. The struggle to build and maintain society is the main conflict. It’s all about the group dynamic and the dilemma’s characters get to face because of that.

Now, the question is, in what genre does it fit in?

Sci-Fi ? Although it is a futuristic setting on a new planet, the focus is not on technology / the fact that we are in the future. Adventure ? There is danger, action and ever rising stakes, but no classic heroïc boy that goes from point A to B and ending up with the girl he always wanted. Young Adult / Teen drama ? Guess it could be, but isnt this more of a ‘age group’ (often having a sub genre, like romance, fantasy) than a real genre?

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